e-Discovery Origins: Zubulake | e-Lessons Learned

e-Lessons Learned is a great blog for following case law updates in the e-discovery world. As they point out below, anyone getting started in understanding why we do what we in e-discovery should learn about the Zubulake case.


Welcome to our signature feature, e-Discovery Origins: Zubulake, designed to give readers a primer on the e-discovery movement through blog posts about Zubulake, the series of court opinions that helped form the foundation for e-discovery. e-Discovery Origins: Zubulake takes each Zubulake decision and distills its key elements into what has become our trademark – simple, witty, easy to understand e-Lessons.

e-Discovery Origins: Zubulake also takes a behind-the-scenes look at those who have most influenced the e-discovery movement and offers insight into their contributions. As one leading e-discovery guru put it, “if you are a novice to e-discovery case law this is a must read.”

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