Articulating the Value of Training

I think most e-discovery professionals will agree that training and opportunities to learn are highly valued in our industry. However, when I speak with folks in “the trenches” they share that real opportunities to learn new skills to further their career in e-discovery and/or increase their value as an employee are few and far between.  The most over used excuse is that training is “not in the budget” and a close second is that there is “not enough time” to spare to allow someone to attend a training class.  Many corporations and government agencies are now nearing the end of their fiscal year so it’s a great time to ask to attend a training class.  The funds are available in the budget. Take advantage of knocking out at least one of the common excuses for not going to training. Here are a few resources to help you articulate the value of training:


You are now well equipped to request training for yourself and your team.