Custom Dynamic Individual Learning

Here’s how the individual learning program works:

First, we will schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss your learning objectives. We’ll also discuss how much time you have available each week to dedicate to learning more about e-discovery. Upon receipt of payment, I will send you a dynamic customized learning plan that meets (or exceeds) your learning objectives based on what you’d like to learn and how much time you have to spend on it.


Start up Plan – 10 hrs – $200

Advanced Plan – 30 hrs – $500

What’s included in the dynamic customized learning plans?

Internet accessible blog posts, videos, presentations, articles, white papers and podcasts organized in a manageable order in order to maximize your learning experience. It will also include recommended books to kick start or add to your e-discovery library.

  • Start up Plan includes Q & A by e-mail and a 30 minute phone call at the end of the program
  • Advanced Plan includes 2 hours of Q & A phone call with me (can be split into multiple sessions)

Why should you take advantage of THIS learning opportunity?

The amount of information available on the web is overwhelming. This program will help you to find the educationally valuable information that you need to grow in your understanding of electronic discovery. If you find that you’re not really reading all of the RSS feeds or e-mail updates from industry blogs then you’re probably a good candidate for an individual dynamic learning experience.