Avoiding E-Discovery Heartburn (Michigan Bar Journal)

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It is possible to reduce ESI anxiety by effectively managing
electronic discovery: being proactive in defi ning the scope, understanding
preservation obligations and protections, and taking
reasonable steps calculated to protect potentially relevant information

Parties to a case
in a Michigan state court can (and should) proactively discuss
key ESI questions:
Will ESI come into play t • o a signifi cant degree?
• What ESI will be preserved?
• How will ESI be searched and what date, divisional,
organization, and geographic limitations will apply?
• How will ESI be produced?
• What, if anything, will be necessary to authenticate
ESI for trial?

Social Media, Permanent Records and eDiscovery

Social Media, Permanent Records and eDiscovery | E-Discovery Resources & Information – DiscoveryResources.org.

This article provides a thorough overview of the current discussion and research on social media’s impact on electronic discovery.

Key Learning Points Include:

  • harvesting social media for legal purposes
  • legal holds, preservation and archiving
  • current case law references
  • authenticating evidence
  • privacy and other issues