Dare to Disagree

Critical and creative thinking are useful skills to have as an e-discovery project manager. Many of us avoid communication that we perceive will lead to conflict. However, daring to disagree in a thoughtful, constructive manner is useful in a collaborative environment like e-discovery project management. Do you have the patience or time or energy to find the best solution to the latest problem with your project? It’s not about winning the argument, it is about utilizing the very best of our communication skills while wearing our “thinking caps” so that it is a “win-win” for everyone on the team.

Here are a few resources for collaborating and working with a group like your litigation support or e-discovery project team:



How do you handle conflict or disagreements with your e-discovery team?






How important is COMMUNICATION to e-discovery projects?

The success of  your e-discovery project will be determined by how well you and your team communicate throughout the lifecycle of your matter. Two recent industry articles illustrate this point and offer a few tips and best practices for excellent communication in e-discovery:

Remember, when it comes to communication, the SENDER is equally as responsible as the RECEIVER for the quality and understanding of the information communicated.