LTNY 2012 in Review

Learning about electronic discovery includes keeping up to date with the latest technology and practice trends in our field. Legal Tech New York 2012 was this year’s first major trade show and conference. Here are a few of the top blog posts & articles covering the event:


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Discovery Resources

Predictive coding dominated the sessions. Most agreed that it is coming – you should be prepared – but even the most enthusiastic advocates cautioned it does not necessarily replace humans. Two primary drivers for adoption emerged: 1) skyrocketing costs associated with human review teams, especially when data volumes are very large; and 2) superior accuracy of technology-assisted review, which is not susceptible to the random errors and inconsistencies of humans, and which can identify and remediate inaccuracies through a process of iteration.

In addition to the excitement about predictive coding, cloud-based data and ECA were also hot topics. Another common theme might be summed up with the phrase “methodology matters” – that is, business process is critical and must be well understood before you can make real progress in improving efficiency and controlling costs.

My new favorite phrase is “methodology matters” to describe what is essentially project management. Technology is great but if your business process is lacking, then you might as well plan on wasting a lot of time and money.  And by now, you can tell that the other major topic at LTNY this year was predictive coding (also known as computer assisted coding).

What did you learn about e-discovery at this year’s show? What changes to your practice are you making since you returned from NY?

Covering the Basics

Last year, Gibson Dunn issued a new series of client alerts covering the basics of what practicing litigators and corporate counsel should know about electronic discovery.  There are 11 alerts ranging from general overviews to admissibility of electronic evidence.  Also, a quick search of their publications page will return many other alerts and articles on the topic of e-discovery.


Why organisations are bringing eDiscovery in house: it’s time to call a spade a spade – part one | Info Risk Awareness

Why organisations are bringing eDiscovery in house: it’s time to call a spade a spade – part one | Info Risk Awareness.

Trends in e-discovery project management and specifically in cost containment are pointing to managing the process internally for corporations. Other resources that address this are listed below:

Challenges for Corporate eDiscovery/Litigation Support Professionals | Legal Talk Network

Challenges for Corporate eDiscovery/Litigation Support Professionals | Legal Talk Network.

On this edition of Litigation Support Review, host Mary Pat Poteet, an eDiscovery/Litigation Support expert with almost 20 years experience, welcomes Joanne Lane, Director of eDiscovery and Litigation Support for MetLife, to talk about the everyday challenges in their profession.