Now Available On-Demand – E-Discovery Project Management Training

Did you miss the live online class we offered a couple of months ago? No worries, it’s now available on-demand.

E-Discovery Project Management On-Demand Training – Litigation Paralegal Bootcamp


•Project Management Methodologies: Which will work for your next e-discovery project?

•Role of a Project Manager

•What does it take to transition from senior paralegal to e-discovery project manager?

•What Should Be in Your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

•Outline of Best Practices for Each Phase of Your SOP

•EDPM Responsibility Matrix, Planning Resources and Budgeting


This course is only 90 minutes and can be completed on your lunch hour.


Being the Project Manager

Last year, you were a “Litigation Technology Specialist” … this year, you have a new job and you are an “E-Discovery Project Manager.” Your old job required you to rely heavily upon your technology expertise and your experience with litigation database management. You are now at a new firm leading a team of technology experts. You must resist the urge to jump in and take over their technology tasks and focus on your role as the project manager. This idea was described very well on the Project Management Institute’s blog this week:

Many project managers work in two common extremes: process focus or technical detail focus. This is common for junior project managers and for project managers who are new to an organization. That often happens, in my opinion, because those project managers haven’t developed their management style yet or haven’t adjusted to the organizational culture.

When the project manager thinks something is going wrong on a project, either with how someone is performing a task or the results of a deliverable, we often try to fix it. We do that with our strongest toolkit — usually, that’s our technical background. We often take over and hijack the task just to do it “our way,” based on our experience.

Your vast knowledge of litigation technology and your understanding of the e-discovery workflow your project sponsors wish to implement is why you are the project manager.  You have big picture perspective. Focus on the project deliverables. Be clear in your management approach to managing the available resources. Try to remember what it was like last year when you were one of them…



Strategic Legal Technology :: Legal Project Management (LPM) Overview [Live Blog Post]

Need to distinguish between process improvement and LPM. Ideally, firms would improve processes before focusing on project management. But in reality, many firms have gotten on the LPM bandwagon first. Hypothesis is that LPM is less culturally challenging than is process improvement. But LPM does not in and of itself lead to efficient execution of matters – to achieve this require legal process improvement.

via Strategic Legal Technology :: Legal Project Management (LPM) Overview [Live Blog Post].


Succesful Role Definition in EDPM « Electronic Discovery Project Management

Succesful Role Definition in EDPM « Electronic Discovery Project Management.

When managing your e-discovery projects, it is important that everyone on your team understands their role in order to ensure success.

Key points include:

  • identifying what roles & responsibilities are needed for your project
  • understanding that everyone on your team may not be employed by the same organization
  • understanding the importance of communicating strengths as well as weakness in order make sure you have the best fit