Finding the Solution Outside of the Box

“Think outside the box.”

As sayings go, it’s probably over used and you probably do not think much about it when you actually have a problem to solve. Recently, an industry report pointed out how challenging it is to find and hire e-discovery professionals with good (or better) problem solving skills.  Electronic discovery projects present new and interesting problems so it is pretty important to learn effective problem solving as you learn about e-discovery. This week, I’d like for you to try this problem solving exercise… let me know how you do in the comments.



Thinking About Solving Problems

I’ve never worked on an e-discovery project where there were no problems. Although, I may have said: “No Problem!” from time to time. 🙂  The reality of e-discovery project management is there will be problems.  However, if we plan well to mitigate the risks,  things should turn out okay, right?.  The ability to solve problems is a high-value skill in e-discovery so for the next several weeks, I’m going to stretch your perspective and understanding on this topic and hopefully, help you improve your problem solving skills.

Let’s begin with thinking about how we think about problems and their solutions.  In this TED talk, the speaker asks us to think about the “small stuff.”  E-Discovery project managers many times can successfully solve problems  by seeking the simpler solution.