E-Discovery Project Management Training Just for YOU!

A few of you out there have asked me about scheduling training opportunities at times when it doesn’t interfere with work. So this month, we started offering training webinars on Wednesday evenings (8:00pm EST). Hopefully, this is a convenient time for you to focus your energy on moving your career forward this year.

This week and next week, we will learn about e-discovery project management.  Here are the links to REGISTER:

Learn About E-Discovery Project Management (Introduction)

This course is now available on-demand. Click the link to the registration page above to access.

You will learn:

  • How to apply general project management methodologies to e-discovery
  • How to properly assess project risk, scope, schedule and to document a defensible project plan
  • How to communicate effectively with your project team

Learn About E-Discovery Project Management (Advanced)

This course is now available on-demand. Click the link to the registration page above to access.

You will learn:

  • How to apply Agile Project Management methodology to e-discovery projects
  • How to develop project management assets for your organization (standards, project plans, checklists)
  • Effective and realistic communication strategies to save TIME, save MONEY, avoid RISK and manage CHANGE

These courses are designed for anyone responsible for supporting and project managing litigation & electronic discovery technology resources… or would like to transition into an e-discovery project management role with your firm or organization. The more you know about e-discovery project management, the more prepared you will be to compete in this industry for the best jobs and opportunities.  


Both project management courses will be recorded and available on-demand within a week after the live training.

E-Discovery Project Management for Paralegals Notes

Thanks to all of you who participated in the live recording of the webinar on e-discovery project management for paralegals earlier this week! I enjoyed sharing best practices and project planning tips. After live seminars and webinars, it has become my practice to provide a few extra notes here at Learn About E-Discovery dot com based on the questions from the audience.  The 90-minute recording will be available on-demand soon so check back for the update and URL.

One of the questions that came up was regarding CHECKLISTS. When creating / drafting a standard operating procedure, you’ll want to include a checklist that isn’t too long or too short that covers the primary information you will need as a project manager to get your project started.  Here are a few sites that offer practical examples:

One     Two     Three     Four

If you or your friends are interested in additional project management training for e-discovery, please send me an e-mail … erika at learnaboutediscovery.com

Is your job slowing down your career growth?

Many of us can become pretty complacent in our jobs assuming that our employer will send us to training or provide educational opportunities from time to time. How many of us take it upon ourselves to explore career training opportunities beyond those offered by our employers? I was reading my Twitter page a little while ago when I saw this tweet:

Are You Making Your Employees Stupid? http://bit.ly/RjnPMt 

A quick scan of the article referenced and the statistics made me think… is your job slowing down your career growth? Don’t miss out on improving your skills just because your employer does not value training. It doesn’t mean they don’t value you… they may be one of the statistics mentioned in the article who doesn’t realize that on-the-job experience is not enough to keep up in today’s e-discovery market.

If you are an employer, what are you going to do today to avoid becoming a statistic?


If you are looking to build your e-discovery project management skills, check out this on-demand presentation I did a few months ago or simply, keep reading this blog.

Articulating the Value of Training

I think most e-discovery professionals will agree that training and opportunities to learn are highly valued in our industry. However, when I speak with folks in “the trenches” they share that real opportunities to learn new skills to further their career in e-discovery and/or increase their value as an employee are few and far between.  The most over used excuse is that training is “not in the budget” and a close second is that there is “not enough time” to spare to allow someone to attend a training class.  Many corporations and government agencies are now nearing the end of their fiscal year so it’s a great time to ask to attend a training class.  The funds are available in the budget. Take advantage of knocking out at least one of the common excuses for not going to training. Here are a few resources to help you articulate the value of training:


You are now well equipped to request training for yourself and your team.