Video Interview: Legal market, Susan Hackett, Georgetown Law | The Posse List

Legal market, Susan Hackett, Georgetown Law | The Posse List.

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The dramatic steps that law firms have taken as they adjust to market conditions reflect fundamental changes in their business model.   Susan Hackett, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel, believes that the only answer to this conundrum is to shift the emphasis onto the value of the response:  “‘The legal industry has become used to using time as the only way of measuring value, so we base fees and budgets on that, rather than on the importance of that work to our business.”

Learning about e-discovery also means that we must understand how the market conditions impact the project management of e-discovery

2010 Trends Report by Socha-Gelbmann

Climbing Back.

The annual Socha-Gelbmann report on e-discovery trends and the marketplace is now available. This link will take you to the article on Law Technology News which provides a summary of the report by the report’s authors. The links below will provide you with a summary of the report by other industry thought leaders. We will update this list as more people post their thoughts about the report on the web.

Clearwell’s e-Discovery Blog

Legal Talk Network (podcast)

The Cooperation Proclamation- The Sedona Conference

The Sedona Conference.

The Sedona Conference®, the nation’s leading non-partisan, non-profit law-and-policy think tank, is actually doing something about it. Leading jurists, trial attorneys, corporate counsel, government lawyers, and others are signing onto “The Cooperation Proclamation.” By doing so, they are pledging to reverse the legal culture of adversarial discovery that is driving up costs and delaying justice; to help create “toolkits” of model case management techniques and resources for the Bench, inside counsel, and outside counsel to facilitate proportionality and cooperation in discovery; and to help create a network of trained electronic discovery mediators available to parties in state and federal courts nationwide, regardless of technical sophistication, financial resources, or the size of the matter.

You will also find here:

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Other resources that discuss the significance and practical implementation include:

Ralph Losey and Brett Anders, Case Law Update Part 2 |

Ralph Losey and Brett Anders, Case Law Update Part 2 | E-Discovery Resources & Information –

One way to learn more about e-discovery case law  is to watch webinars or webcasts during your lunch hour at your desk. Most of them are recorded for on-demand viewing later so it’s still worthwhile to sign up so that the link to the archive will be e-mailed to you.

This is part 2 of a recent case law update presentation, you’ll find the link to the part 1 archive here.